Chandler Welcomes Artisan Showcase at Painted Tree Boutique
New Home for Several Local Artisans

Featured Artisan Product Highlight

Featuring a variety of merchandise.

The grand opening of the Painted Tree Boutique this April marks a new era for Phoenix-area artisans. For the first time, several local creators like Paintpourium, previously seen at temporary events, will now have a permanent place to showcase their work. This move not only celebrates Arizona's rich artisanal culture but also supports small local businesses, fostering community growth.

Permanent Home for Phoenix Creatives

The Painted Tree Boutique in Chandler offers a unique platform for artisans who have captivated audiences at short-term markets and fairs. This transition to a more stable location allows them to connect with the community on a deeper level, showcasing their art and products year-round.

Support Local, Discover Unique

The Painted Tree Boutique is a haven for artisans to deepen connections with the community, featuring handcrafted jewelry, art, home décor, and more. It champions local economy and showcases the unique talents of Phoenix's artisans.

Featured Artisans:

The boutique will feature a diverse group of artisans, each bringing their own unique flavor to the collective. Below is a snapshot of the talent you can expect to find:

Lash Me Flawless Boutique (Space D28):  Creators of high-quality lashes, accessories, and apparel, brings a touch of glamour to the Painted Tree Boutique. Specializing in enhancing beauty and confidence, they offer a curated selection of products designed to make anyone feel flawless. "Excited to be part of the Painted Tree family!" they share, highlighting their enthusiasm for joining this vibrant community of creatives and artisans. Lash Me Flawless Boutique is poised to introduce Painted Tree shoppers to their world of beauty, where every item is carefully crafted to add a sparkle of elegance and style.

Paintpourium (Space W6): Founded by Mesa-based artist Kristin Dragos, offers whimsical and engaging Arizona-inspired digital and acrylic artwork. Kristin aims to connect with both the community and fellow artisans. She states, "Joining the Painted Tree Boutique opens a vibrant new chapter for Paintpourium, broadening our reach and deepening community connections. It's more than a new home for art—it's an opportunity to unite collectors and local creators, turning art into a bridge that connects and inspires." Paintpourium is dedicated to offering collectors a glimpse into the vibrant landscapes and cultures of Arizona through art.

Sonoran Beauty Designs (Space T9): Founded by Vince and Amanda Wolpert in April 2023, offers unique full-wrap engravings on name brand tumblers, transforming everyday items into art. Born from Amanda's desire to see her art on a Stanley cup and Vince's engraving skills, this Chandler-based business blossomed into a creative partnership. They express their excitement about the Painted Tree Boutique, stating, "Being so close to home in a beloved area and sharing our work consistently thanks to Painted Tree’s unique model is thrilling." Sonoran Beauty Designs embodies a fusion of art and function, celebrating a fun, artistic collaboration between husband and wife.

ThelmaLou Creations, LLC (Space F16): Founded on a mission to provide vocational training and employment opportunities for adults with special needs, ThelmaLou Creations specializes in personalized gifts, apparel, and signage. With their involvement in the Painted Tree Boutique, they aim to showcase their Empowered Prints Special Needs Job Skills Internship Program, enhancing job skill opportunities for progress, independence, and financial freedom for their participants. They share, "The Painted Tree Boutique offers us a valuable platform to promote our Empowered Prints , advaprogramncing job skills, independence, and financial freedom for our employees." At the heart of ThelmaLou Creations is the goal to utilize business as a means for social change—creating a stable learning environment that spans graphic design, marketing, e-commerce, and more, all while fostering confidence and independence through their innovative internship program.

Join the Grand Opening Celebration

The community is invited on April 13th, 2024, to explore the stories and creations of these talented artisans.

About Painted Tree Boutique

Offering a diverse shopping experience, the Painted Tree Boutique unites local artisans and small businesses, fostering a thriving local economy.

Grand Opening Event Details:

  • Location: Painted Tree Boutique, 2640 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler, AZ
  • Date: April 13, 2024
  • Time: 10 am - 8 pm
Contact Information:
Kristin Dragos
Visual Artist, Owner
[email protected]

Irma Angelica
[email protected]

Amanda Wolpert
[email protected]

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