James Mastro Releases Unifying Single/Video ‘My God’ Ahead of New Album

Hoboken-based rock/Americana singer-songwriter-guitarist James Mastro (The Bongos, Health & Happiness Show) has released a beautiful, unifying single/video, "My god," the third single from his forthcoming debut solo album Dawn of a New Error via MPress Records. The track/video premiered in M Music & Musicians Magazine.

"My god" harkens back to John Lennon's universal call for peace and tolerance with its memorable musical hooks, direct lyrics and simple, strong melody. Mastro sings: I guess your god must look like mine/Because god is love and love is blind/I guess my god and yours are one/Just different names under the sun. The song features Mastro on vocals and acoustic & electric guitars; Tony Shanahan (Patti Smith) on bass, Wurlitzer piano, Mellotron, and synthesizer; and the late, beloved Louie Appel on drums and tambourine.

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About the song and video, Mastro explains, "'My god' deals with a universal concept on an individual level. Everyone has – and should be entitled to – their own beliefs. No matter what country or language a belief may be rooted in, one theme that runs through them all is that of right or wrong, good or bad. I felt having the video translated into eleven different languages was important in getting this view across, making it more poignant when seen through the 'eyes' of another nationality.

"Every face in this video is truly beautiful. With eyes closed – curtains drawn – you imagine what they are dreaming. With eyes open, the light pours out and you see the similarity along with the differences coexisting peacefully. These people are all in my neighborhood - some I know well, some not so much. But I know that if I fell down on the street, they wouldn't stop to ask me what religion I was or who I voted for before helping me back up on my feet. That is at the core of this song and video."

Dawn of a New Error marks the return of James Mastro to the front and center as singer and songwriter. Featuring guest vocals by Ian Hunter and produced by Tony Shanahan – best known as Patti Smith’s bassist, co-producer and musical collaborator – the songs were recorded whenever Mastro and Shanahan found time to get together, between Shanahan's work with Smith and Mastro's work with Hunter and other projects. Noteworthy drummers on the record include the late Louie Appel (Southside Johnny), Brian Griffin (Brandi Carlile, Black Crowes), Steve Goulding (The Mekons, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe), and Bill Dubrow (Yoko Ono, Linda Thompson). The album was recorded and mixed by Grammy® nominee James Frazee (Patti Smith, Sharon Van Etten, Marshall Crenshaw), and mastered by the legendary Greg Calbi.

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