KTJ Krug LLC Transforms Puerto Rico’s Short-Term Rentals into a Pinnacle of Sustainable Opulence
Eco-Friendly Elegance in the Heart of Condado's Affluence

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KTJ Krug LLC proudly announces a landmark renovation of its short-term rentals in the prestigious Condado area of Puerto Rico, just a stone's throw from the serene Atlantic beaches. This ambitious project, which commenced in October 2023, has metamorphosed our properties into epitomes of modern luxury and environmental responsibility.

The buildings now don a deep blueblood color, a hue that captures the essence of the oceanic proximity and the exclusive nature of their location. This striking exterior, coupled with the sleek, redesigned driveway, creates an inviting entrance that embodies both luxury and accessibility.

Central to our renovation is the installation of high-performance solar panels. These not only power our properties but also contribute surplus energy to Puerto Rico's grid, directly supporting the island's energy needs. This initiative underlines our commitment to sustainable living, allowing guests to indulge in luxury while contributing positively to the environment.

Inside, guests are welcomed by an ambiance of sophisticated comfort. Our apartments are equipped with high-speed internet, boasting download speeds exceeding 1GB, ensuring seamless connectivity for both leisure and business needs. The advanced water system upgrade enhances the sustainability of our properties, offering guests the luxury of resource efficiency without compromising on comfort.

Situated just 30 seconds from the beach, our luxury condos offer an unparalleled blend of convenience and tranquility. Guests can revel in the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, knowing they are nestled in a haven that mirrors Condado's affluent and cultured spirit of.

About KTJ Krug LLC:

A beacon in the Puerto Rican real estate landscape, KTJ Krug LLC specializes in top-tier short-term rentals, real estate management, and innovative revenue strategy consultation. Our ethos is to showcase Puerto Rico's charm through properties that not only offer luxury but also resonate with the island's vibrant culture and commitment to sustainability. As avid travelers ourselves, our team is devoted to crafting extraordinary experiences tailored to each guest's unique preferences.

Our reputation for delivering impeccable service is solidified by our ability to customize experiences to match our guests' desires for comfort, style, and eco-conscious living. This dedication has earned us a place in the esteemed Puerto Rico gold list.

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