Tiny Souls Media Inc. Joins Forces With Animation Studio K Love You Bye to Launch Groundbreaking Children’s Animated Series ‘Zip & the Tiny Sprouts’ on YouTube

Tiny Souls Media Inc., a start-up children’s media company, is thrilled to announce a partnership with animation studio K Love You Bye, founded by Peter Johnston of Fade In Studio and Kyle Logan, to bring to life a new children's animated series entitled "Zip & the Tiny Sprouts,” under animation director Chris Bennet (Bluey). Featuring 26 seven-minute episodes set in the whimsical Harmony Hollow, the series aims to entertain young audiences while supporting learning and development on important themes such as kindness, patience, and gratitude. "Zip & the Tiny Sprouts" is set to debut on YouTube to offer accessibility to a wide range of families worldwide. 

The Tiny Souls Media creative team is led by Canadian-Australian performer Shadi Toloui-Wallace and Lacey Mason (Sesame Workshop, Dodo Kids) as Head of Development and Production. "Zip & the Tiny Sprouts" is poised to stand out as a must-watch for families seeking wholesome entertainment. Each episode is thoughtfully crafted to support character development and social-emotional learning through engaging stories and memorable music.

One of the noteworthy features of "Zip & the Tiny Sprouts" is its original soundtrack, which will showcase a diverse range of musical genres and performers. The series will feature fresh, fun songs that enhance learning and storytelling while fostering a love for a rich tapestry of music and culture with young audiences.

"We are incredibly excited about the partnership with K Love You Bye for 'Zip & the Tiny Sprouts.' The series is not just an animated adventure; it's a journey through the values that shape character and community," said Denise Sabet, CEO of Tiny Souls Media. 

“We are beyond thrilled to be working in collaboration with Tiny Souls Media in producing this series. Tiny Souls have shown a care and attention to elevating children’s media beyond entertainment by creating a benefit to our global community,” says Peter Johnston, Managing Director of K Love You Bye.  “K Love You Bye is incredibly proud to be showcasing our exceptional Brisbane, Australia, crew and, through this exciting new collaboration, help bring a unique world of characters to life — full of whimsy, humor and authenticity that both kids and parents will enjoy together,” adds Johnston.

The magical unveiling of "Zip & the Tiny Sprouts” is planned for April 2024 where Harmony Hollow comes to life and children embark on an enchanting journey of self-discovery, friendship, and valuable life lessons.

About Tiny Souls Media:

Tiny Souls Media is a start-up children’s media and caregiver resources company that encourages little ones and their families to reach their full potential by creating content that is engaging, memorable, and meaningful.

About Fade In Studio's K Love You Bye:

Fade In Studio's K Love You Bye is an up-and-coming 2D animation studio committed to producing heartfelt and compelling content for all ages that feels genuine and authentic. 

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Original Source: Tiny Souls Media Inc. Joins Forces With Animation Studio K Love You Bye to Launch Groundbreaking Children's Animated Series 'Zip & the Tiny Sprouts' on YouTube