Velocity Micro Announces VelocityAI Series Workstations With Bundled Powerstack Toolkit
Proprietary software/hardware bundle provides a turnkey solution to bring the world of AI to a new audience

Velocity Micro, the premier builder of award-winning enthusiast desktops, laptops, and high-performance computing solutions announces the release of the VelocityAI series of workstations, a powerful collection of tuned and optimized workstation PCs bundled with the AI Powerstack toolkit that’s custom curated by Velocity Micro to bring AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning to a new customer base of smaller and mid-tier companies and individual developers. When packaged with an optimized VelocityAI workstation, the AI Powerstack toolkit provides a turnkey solution that brings the power of AI locally into the hands of the user for unparalleled customization, data security, and higher end-to-end ROI than current open source or online alternatives. Bundles will start shipping later in Q1.

“The VelocityAI workstation series and bundled AI Powerstack toolkit is the result of months of internal development. Our hardware expertise is well known in the industry, but this stack really puts our software capabilities on display as well,” said Randy Copeland, President and CEO of Velocity Micro. “We’re extremely excited to open the doors of AI to a whole new audience of companies and developers that want to harness control of their own private data without sharing it in the public arena. Our mission is to democratize AI for all.”

The AI Powerstack toolkit combines a set of AI frameworks, libraries, tools, and sample codes into a powerful software stack that’s designed and optimized to give new users what they need to create their own custom AI models with as little prior experience as possible. By developing AI models locally, users have untapped customization options while also alleviating the privacy concerns that online solutions often present. When bundled with a ProMagixAI series workstation, the integrated AI Powerstack toolkit has applications across a breadth of industries including law enforcement, ERP systems, Marketing & Sales, Research & Development, Software Engineering, Customer Operations, Finance and more.

"We've worked extensively with our customers over the past several years to create workstations perfectly suited to their AI development needs, but now we are closing the gaps in the hardware and software chain to open up our deep experience and learning to a much wider range of customers that have not previously had the knowledge or budget to get rolling on their own," said Josh Covington, Managing Director, Marketing & Sales at Velocity Micro. "There has been a layer of fear around AI development in smaller organizations, and we're helping to pierce that with a more integrated approach." 

VelocityAI workstations will be available initially in late Q1 with an analytic AI stack followed by a generative AI stack releasing in early Q2. All versions of the Powerstack toolkit are exclusively available bundled on Velocity Micro ProMagixAI workstations. To custom configure and learn more, visit or call 804-419-0900.

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