Brenya Twumasi of Tactical Ops to be Featured on Close Up Radio
Brenya Twumasi of Tactical Ops to be Featured on Close Up Radio

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 13, 2024 / — Self-actualized law enforcement officers who are in the habit of practicing “self TLC daily” are better able to serve the public with compassion and purpose. Law enforcement officers are public servants and do well to be cognizant of their high standing.

Dr. Brenya Twumasi briefs her Criminal Justice Paraprofessional Law enforcement students to take time out daily for a mini vacation of self (for approximately an hour each day). “If one wants to serve others with care, fortitude, compassion, and empathy, one should be mindful to care for oneself daily.”

Brenya lives to serve. Born in Ghana, where she attended boarding school (under the British model of education) she comes from a family of both national and international leaders. These family members taught their children resolve, hard work, service, and care for others.

Brenya created her first corporation at age 11. She was able to learn how to incorporate such by simply listening to how her elders conducted business. “I would serve elders soda, water, tea, on the proverbial silver tray. In both my Ghanaian and Dutch culture, elders are respected. As I served them, I would easily overhear them discussing national and international matters. That is how the idea of creating my peace corporation evolved. This first corporation was then named the Perfect Peace Club. Fifty plus years later, such still exists. This initial corporation is now renamed the Perfect Peace Club.”

Brenya still seeks out specialists, experts, and elders. Those with specified knowledge enjoy sharing their know how. This approach is why she has always had help, never having to go through anything alone.

At the University of Texas as a Psychology Professor and at the Alamo Colleges as a Criminal Justice Professor, Brenya unconventionally educates young adults on how to successfully serve as future professionals as law enforcement officers.

Brenya created a class that through SUNY COIL, enabled her and her Ukraine professor partner, Dr. Yuksel, to teach journalist students at the main university in Kiev, Ukraine. As Dr. Twumasi explains, pride often stands in the way of self-actualization. “Let’s take a look at the most beloved—our dear and most beloved grandmothers. Grandmothers worldwide care for many, with many, often including beloved grandchildren. Generally, their own health suffers as they neglect care of self. Don’t we all desire for grandmothers to be productive, joy filled, filled with laughter and good cheer? We want grandmothers to be healthy, and they would do well to daily care for self as a habit.”

Dr. Twumasi’s main message to her students is that we are all in this together—no one has to go through anything alone. Brenya strongly believes in prayer, and her faith is key in her daily flow.

While serving others, one does well to be healthy in three domains—physical/biological, cognitive, and social. Brenda created the two I’s model. “The first I stands for the word ‘intentionality;’ we do well to meet each day with Intentionality (a term she created). The second I stands for Interference—we all meet with interference daily. So, with being cognizant of the two I’s one can navigate each day with higher success. It is given that all of us experience interference daily. Interference is defined as glitches, hurdles, and hiccups. These originate from within or without. Take for granted that interference shall be met daily, thus be prepared to easily navigate interference.”

Successful leaders know the daily possibility of interference as they navigate such eventuality well. Knowing that interference shall surf up is like knowing we breath oxygen. We can better mitigate interference by expecting it.”

Tactical Ops, Brenya’s consulting firm, is a security systems & Peace Gardens consulting firm. It has been awarded for the second time this year, 2024. Tactical Ops focuses on creating restorative justice principles, peace gardens, Artificial Intelligence, and security for both personal and business. Her 17 page article, Internet Radicalization of Extremists, was published March 2024 by The Journal of Forensic Sciences and Criminal Investigation. She is also the recipient of the 2022 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and is listed in Marquis Who’s Who.

Brenya looks at the future of Tactical Ops, “We are serving through consultation, education, and community building. The goal is to support learning how to effectively serve members of our Global community.”

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