Lisa Gary of Nautilus Leadership to be Featured on Close Up Radio
Lisa Gary of Nautilus Leadership to be Featured on Close Up Radio

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2024 / — As a business leader for over 3 decades in 4 different industries, Lisa Gary of Nautilus Leadership has been developing leaders and helping business leaders tap into their personal strengths to excel for 20+ years. Over the course of her corporate career, she ensured companies had skilled and talented leaders to grow and deliver outstanding business results. With a fundamental belief corporations can make no greater investment than in its employees, Lisa likes to share a famous Bill Bynam quote—When asked, “What if I develop them and they leave?” Bill replied, “What if you don’t develop them and they stay!?!”

Lisa works with business leaders who need a safe, trusted, and honest place to explore their thinking and belief systems in a way that helps them process feedback and build new leadership skills and behaviors quickly. “Because I have walked in their shoes for over 30 years, I absolutely get the challenges they face. Leadership is not for the wimpy,” explains Lisa.

Lisa founded Nautilus Leadership to give back. “I was fortunate to work with an experienced professional coach during one of my early career transitions, which was such a gift as I was moving from operations to an enterprise strategic role. I had to learn quickly how to lead and influence at a different level. Having a safe, trusted place to explore, think creatively, learn, stretch, and practice was paramount to my success. Working with an executive coach had such a profound impact on my career, that I began Nautilus Leadership to offer this same gift to other business leaders,” shares Lisa.

Many work and life events, or what Lisa likes to call Courageous Crucibles, helped lead her to this path as well. “One example is after working for 23 years in the financial services industry, the company I was working for was taken off the New York Stock Exchange and sold for $0.20 cents on the dollar—let’s just say I was at the epicenter of the 2008 financial crisis. So many people lost their livelihoods, their retirements and some even their lives. During this crisis, I watched as all of my network began leaving, or asked to leave, and I wondered it was my time to go too. I was ready to be courageous by taking a risk and exploring something completely new. I went as far away from the financial services industry to the retail grocery industry. The most important lesson I learned during this courageous crucible is that as long as you are constantly building your skills and knowledge portfolio, and applying them successfully — those actions and skills belong to you. They are your personal brand and unique value proposition.”

Lisa continues, “Forced change, like downsizings, acquisitions, and mergers are the best opportunities for learning about yourself. They prompt you to consider where you are, where you want to be, what is your portfolio of skills, and what might be missing. During these types of transitions, your priorities become clearer as you take time to reflect how this event might be an opportunity to choose a different road.” However, working with a good coach can help you reflect and answer these questions without a forced change experience.”

For her company’s symbol, Lisa uses the nautilus, as it is the perfect metaphor for growth. “The nautilus is an amazing creature living in the deep sea, with its unique and beautiful spiral shell and mysterious and largely unknown behaviors, it is one of the oldest living creatures on the planet. As leaders and human beings, we are never done learning and growing. My dad always said, ‘If you are done learning, you might as well get in your grave!’ Our past experiences, skills, and habits make us who we are today. The nautilus starts its life with 7-8 small chambers and grows by building new chambers connected to the old ones, carrying its past with it. The older, walled-off sections are still a part of the nautilus, but it is always growing, learning, and evolving. I give all of my clients a little nautilus fossil shell to put on their desk to remind them to always keep learning and growing,” shares Lisa.

As a NeuroLeadership Certified Coach, Lisa helps leaders find their own answers. “In fact, questions are so powerful, visitors can find thought-provoking leadership questions on my website ( under Learn About The Nautilus and Reflection Questions,” shares Lisa. “I don’t have solutions for my clients, rather I ask stop and think questions, such as What are you holding onto that if you released it, would free up your energy or capacity?, and What new skills or habits do you need? I’ve found that 2 questions often have the most impact, bringing about the most thought and change are, Where is your joy? and How are you spending your time both professionally and personally? As a coach, I help leaders find these answers,” shares Lisa.

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