NAMG Solidifies Position as Canada’s Largest Community Arena Advertising Supplier
NAMG Solidifies Position as Canada’s Largest Community Arena Advertising Supplier

NAMG expands partnership with NRI and SDN, providing comprehensive advertising solutions in 850+ community arenas nationwide.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 17, 2024 / — National Arena Marketing Group (NAMG) announces its position as Canada’s largest community arena advertising supplier, offering comprehensive solutions and unrivaled reach through its expanded partnership.

“We are proud to announce that the National Arena Marketing Group (NAMG) has significantly expanded its reach with the addition of two new partners, Nustadia Recreation Inc (NRI ) and Sports Digital Network ( SDN ). These companies have joined forces with existing partner, Visual Sports Image, and founding partners, Futuresign Multimedia Displays, Inc., and Sport Media Marketing to create the largest community sport advertising network in Canada.” – Alex Depatie (CEO, Sport Media Marketing)

“Sports Digital Network and Nustadia are excited to join the NAMG partnership”, says David Thom, President SDN. “We are now integrated within the largest community place-based network in Canada.”

This strategic partnership brings together five industry leaders, resulting in increased synergy across approximately 850+ venues nationwide. The NAMG association now offers harmonized pricing, strategy, expertise, and campaign management from a single source, streamlining the process for both national and local clients. The group’s collective strengths enable them to provide comprehensive advertising solutions, including OOH

static and both direct and programmatic digital options with offices strategically located in Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Edmonton, and Victoria.

Ben Sproule, CEO of Nustadia Recreation Inc., says, ‘Nustadia Recreation Inc. is the largest operator of community arena facilities in Canada for our municipal and educational sector clients. We look forward to the joint venture collaboration with NAMG and its’ partners to

create the largest nationwide, digital, and static facility advertising sales program in Canada. This collaboration will enhance our overall service delivery for our clients.”

About National Arena Marketing Group (NAMG)

As a national partnership between Futuresign Multimedia Inc, Sport Media Marketing, Visual Sports Image, Nustadia Recreation Inc. (NRI), and Sports Digital Network (SDN), NAMG brings together the strengths and resources of five industry leaders to provide comprehensive, turnkey advertising solutions. The group’s offerings include a wide range of static and digital media options, such as rink boards, wall signage, digital screens, and interactive kiosks, all strategically placed in high-traffic areas within community arenas and sports complexes.

NAMG’s extensive network of over 850 proprietary venues across Canada provides advertisers with unparalleled access to both rural and urban markets, ensuring their messages reach consumers where they live, work, and play. These community arenas and sports complexes are the heartbeat of the community, where families spend a significant portion of their time each week.

On average, community members visit these locations multiple times per week, staying for upwards of 90 minutes each visit. By advertising in these high-traffic, captive-audience environments, businesses can effectively connect with their target audiences and build strong, lasting relationships with consumers in the heart of their local communities.

NAMG’s experienced team works closely with clients to develop customized, data-driven campaigns that maximize brand visibility, engage target audiences, and deliver measurable results. With a deep understanding of Canadian communities and a commitment to exceptional service, NAMG helps businesses of all sizes and industries dominate the game of advertising and build strong, lasting connections with their customers.

For more information about NAMG and its innovative community arena advertising solutions, visit the association’s new website at or contact one of the media representatives listed below.

New Website and Location List

NAMG is also excited to announce the launch of its new website, which will serve as a comprehensive resource for advertisers looking to maximize their reach and impact in community arenas across Canada. The website will provide detailed information about NAMG’s extensive network of venues, advertising solutions, and the unique benefits of partnering with the group.

One of the key features of the new website is the full list of NAMG’s 2024 locations, which can be found here. This interactive map showcases the breadth and depth of NAMG’s network, allowing advertisers to explore potential advertising locations and visualize the reach of their campaigns.

The website will also highlight NAMG’s diverse range of advertising solutions, including static and digital options, as well as the group’s turnkey services such as creative design, production, and installation. Advertisers will find valuable insights and case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of NAMG’s approach in delivering measurable results for businesses of all sizes and industries.

“Our NAMG Partners offer a unique service to provide a single solution for agencies and their clients in the busiest venues across Canada, ensuring topline, grass roots brand and community exposure. We are very excited to continue to grow the network with our partners!” – Brandon Smith | Partner & President, Sales | C.E.O | Futuresign Multimedia Displays Inc.

In addition to the new website, NAMG is also making it easier for advertisers to connect with the group through programmatic advertising platforms. Advertisers can now find NAMG through their community reach network on leading platforms such as Hivestack, Vistar, Place Exchange, and Broadsign, enabling them to seamlessly integrate community arena advertising into their overall digital marketing strategies.

With the launch of the new website and the expansion of its programmatic advertising capabilities, NAMG is reaffirming its commitment to providing advertisers with the most comprehensive and accessible community arena advertising solutions in Canada. The group’s unrivaled network, expertise, and technology make it the ideal partner for businesses looking to connect with audiences in the heart of their communities.

Elevate Your Brand with NAMG: Canada’s Leading Community Arena Advertising Provider

National Arena Marketing Group (NAMG) is transforming the community arena advertising landscape in Canada with its expansive network, comprehensive solutions, and industry expertise. By bringing together five industry leaders under one banner, NAMG offers advertisers a one-stop-shop for reaching their target audiences in local communities across the country.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with your target audience in a meaningful way. Partner with NAMG today and experience the unparalleled advantages of Canada’s leading community arena advertising provider. Visit website to learn more and get started on your journey to advertising success.

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