Saving Walden’s World Featured at Puerto Aventuras International Film Festival (PAIFF)
Saving Walden’s World Featured at Puerto Aventuras International Film Festival (PAIFF)

PAIFF 2024

Founders Dewey Paul Moffitt and Moe Taylor planning for the event

Puerto Aventuras

Moe Taylor and Dewey Paul Moffitt’s Vision Comes Together With Over 50 Films from 27 Countries

PUERTO AVENTURAS, QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO, March 21, 2024 / — Puerto Aventuras International Film Festival (PAIFF) is excited to bring a truly international presentation of films to beautiful Puerto Aventuras in Quintana Roo, Mexico. With over 50 official selections from 27 different countries, PAIFF is the first of its kind in this community and welcomes residents and visitors to celebrate cinema in paradise from April 4-7, 2024.

PAIFF was founded by world-renowned filmmakers Moe Taylor and Dewey Paul Moffitt. Moe’s films have been shown in over a hundred film festivals on the global circuit while Dewey Paul Moffitt is a veteran festival producer with more than thirty years of professional event production experience.

The documentary Saving Walden’s World stood out for selection to Moe and Dewey due to its story line which discusses climate and sustainability solutions as they relate to women’s empowerment issues.

Saving Walden’s World looks at what is working today and how these solutions can shape a better tomorrow. Director and writer Jim Merkel weaves a story that spans his early personal experience as a military subcontractor and his later studies of three countries where non-capitalist cultures are thriving.

“The reception in our community for this festival has been very encouraging. I’m extremely honored and excited for the filmmakers to have their passions represented in this setting. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.” -Dewey Paul Moffitt, PAIFF Director

A Future Wish from a Father to a Son

Saving Walden’s World is a visual poem and a promise from a father to a son, a promise that provides a glimmering future within our reach, if we shift our thinking… Merkel started this research while watching his son grow and this most certainly fueled his passion to take action, study and share his findings. Jim found a lot of working solutions in place right now. They are solutions you won’t hear about on the news, or much even in social media.

Jim Merkel asks us to Imagine…the world’s wealthy consume less,the poor exit poverty, fewer — yet healthier children are born, easing extinctions, hunger and climate change… A self-reinforcing cycle where all win. And if we can imagine, can we change? Perhaps the beginning of imagination is seeing ways solutions are working, so Jim takes us to places which have been identified as sustainable in terms of food, carbon footprint and localized economies. Saving Walden’s World may be the ultimate societal self-help film for an ailing planet.

Common threads between the communities Jim visits on this brief cinematic tour include:

Empowerment of women overall and specifically—

Birth Control & Body Rights: Understanding that sense of purpose that comes from established roles and freeing women to go beyond the role of mother and homemaker has transformed countries like Slovenia, Cuba and Kerala, India. This role-shift is a secondary effect of adopting birth control as perhaps the most basic empowerment for women—control of their reproductive rights and bodies.

Collaboration Instead of Competition: Jim examines the towns and villages where women are actively shaping society as contributors, collaborators and inventors. Whether it is through trade, cooperative enterprise or even developing new financial micro-lending tools better suited to localized economies, women are at the forefront of transforming life in villages and small cities where capitalism lacks a historical basis of success. This lack of capitalism seems to invite invention and creative solutions.

Focus on Happiness rather than Possessions: While many countries might be deemed poor by capitalist standards, these same countries might wonder at the unhappy realm of comparative materialism and chronic debt associated with capitalist countries. Saving Walden’s World gives us a chance to see a world view that is largely absent from media or education and is in fact, quite the opposite of many government programs. (Jim’s early career found himself trying to stop these very countries from independence—an ironic work witnessed through this documentary.)

Entertaining & Enlightening

Whatever your perspective, Saving Walden’s World is a worthy cinematic journey. Jim Merkel and his talented team deliver an entertaining and enlightening story that includes a future with hope.

“This film will stir your heart.”—Vicki Robin, Author, Social Innovator

“Jim Merkel offers a special mix of practicality and idealism; a workable mix.”

—Bill McKibben, Climate Activist, Author

Date: April 4-7, 2024

Place: Multiple venues, Puerto Aventuras, QR, Mexico Puerto Aventuras, México

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