Sheila Marina of Planet of Peace to be Featured on Close Up Radio
Sheila Marina of Planet of Peace to be Featured on Close Up Radio

BOWMANVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 20, 2024 / — When Sheila Marina was setting up her first email account the tech asked her what she had foremost in mind, and she said she’s like a Planet of Peace. Today that phrase is the name for a wellness coaching business that helps create exactly that: a better world comprised of people who are empowered, free of pain and trauma, and in a better state of mental health.

The challenges of a life without good mental health are something Sheila came to know as a youth, living with a mother whose mental illness and unresolved trauma sadly led to an early death. Today Sheila is trained and skilled in a variety of modalities—such as Reiki, Hypnotherapy and EFT—that help remove blockages, free positive energy, and move people along on their healing journey.

“I am floored by how precise and rapid the changes can be. I also had trapped emotions and after Reiki therapy, I was so energized and improved that I wanted to pay it forward. I started training in Hypnotherapy and down the road became a Reiki Master and then studied The Emotion Code and The Body Code. I met with a woman who had suffered for years from stress related disorders and found five trapped emotions in just her nasal cavity! She’s been fine for 10 years now.”

Sheila is proud to be part of such remarkable improvements in people’s physical and mental health. We are all energy she notes, and The Body Keeps the Score as the book with that name says. Once you identify the root of it and make contact with the subconscious mind– where all of our experienced and memories are stored–you can change the course of someone’s life. Sheila emphasizes that the mind is like a filing cabinet, and we have to be careful about what we store in there.

“No doctor will tell ‘you about it, but energy therapy is the best way to heal. Safer than pharmaceuticals. Faster than talk therapy. And it’s all because the body really has the capacity to heal itself.”

Sheila tells everyone who consults Planet of Peace Energy Healing to completely love and accept themselves, no matter what is going on. When you believe that message it is the first step to feeling better. She is grateful to have a platform to share her knowledge and therapeutic strategies and play a part in creating wellness. Sheila spent about 30 years working with Children’s Services in her native Canada before switching careers, and never felt quite the same sense of impact as she does now.

“I just love to help people. I might not be the be-all end-all and you’ll have to see that Cancer doctor again. But I know if I spend just a few minutes with you, you will feel better and notice a difference.”

Sheila is a helpful soul who has also been called a crazy hippie. She is compassionate about raising awareness of healing and promoting self-love, self-care and empowerment. Learn more about her philosophies and approaches by listening to the upcoming radio show.

Close Up Radio will feature Energy Healing Pro Sheila Marina in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday, February 22nd at 2:00pm EST

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