Epiphany at Tiffany’s: and Other Poems (or Other Nuggets of Verse)

Not Sleep, Deeper

Poetry for the Spirit

Love, Peace and Sweet Tea


The Maple Staple Spotlight Shelf magnifies self-discovery, healing, and contemplation through the heart-stirring compilations of five poets

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 20, 2024 / — Capturing the vivid recollections and poignant emotions of life, five authors skillfully wield their pens to string words that transform these moments into beautifully crafted anthologies of poetry. Through eloquent and expressive verses, these five poetic collections intricately piece together the divergent aspects of life, creating a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences.

Poet Gail Banter unveils her newest literary masterpiece, “Epiphany at Tiffany’s: and Other Poems,” taking readers on a captivating adventure that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary. With her creative prowess, Banter effortlessly turns the mundane into something enchanting and elevates the common to the realm of the remarkable. Her poems are packed with a refreshing and entertaining twist, showcasing her distinct viewpoints and signature brand of quirky humor.

Banter’s poetry collection invites the audience to experience the world from an unfamiliar angle, discovering beauty and humor in unexpected corners. Her artful verses are a testament to her stellar abilities as a storyteller, capturing the aspects of everyday life with a unique perspective. Whether exploring the eccentricities of human nature, reflecting the banalities of modern life, or simply taking pleasure in the joy of everyday moments, Gail Banter’s anthology never ceases to amuse and inspire. “Epiphany at Tiffany’s: and Other Poems (or Other Nuggets of Verse)” promises to be a literary treat for those fond of witty wordplay, insightful commentary, and a touch of humor.

Exploring the poignant facets of human experience, author Geoff Peterson presents his latest selection of poems, “Not Sleep, Deeper.” Through evocative verses that resonate with emotional honesty and substantial insight, Peterson untangles the delicate connection between solitude, aging, and the intricacies of love, spinning an array of sensations that resound deeply with readers.

Central to the book’s narrative is the aftermath of the latest surgery, where the passing of time grows into a close companion. Peterson artfully tackles the adversity of being alone, punctuating the passage of time with therapy, imagination, and interrupted sleep due to sudden alarms. He further captures the subtle details of a client-patient coming to terms with the fact that life is only truly experienced in the present moment. This realization becomes even more powerful as the inevitability of death becomes apparent. Geoff Peterson’s “Not Sleep, Deeper” captivates with its haunting beauty, serving as a profound reflection on the complexities of the human experience. This poetic masterpiece emanates honesty, vulnerability, and deep wisdom that connects heavily.

Capturing the essence of life’s myriad adventures, storyteller Shereema Dumas offers her debut poetry compilation, “Poetry for the Spirit.” This riveting anthology goes beyond the ordinary, encouraging the audience to embrace the nuances of mundane moments and find the beauty that lies within the depths of the soul.

Drawing from her memories, Dumas presents a mosaic of emotions that echo on an intimate scale. Every poem is a window into the author’s innermost thoughts, revealing her deepest emotions, desires, and dreams as she grapples with the intricacies of existence – from the sorrow of losing cherished individuals to the sheer elation of witnessing the arrival of grandchildren and the rush of anticipation that comes with new career endeavors. Shereema Dumas’ “Poetry for the Spirit” celebrates the full spectrum of human emotion with grace and authenticity, growing into an ode to the strength of poetry to heal, nurture, and uplift the human spirit.

Retracing the journey from her humble beginnings to the realization of her dreams, Leeza Lee Barr pens her first literary collection, “Love, Peace and Sweet Tea.” This poetic masterwork artfully blends together the threads of her thoughts and life encounters, creating a wordplay patchwork filled with divine inspiration.

A harmonious fusion of poetry and a short story, this book is a chronicle of Barr’s evolution from a young idealist to the lady she imagined herself to be growing up in Oxberry’s cotton fields. Every poem weaves together the vivid tones of her imagination, exploring the diverse range of human emotions and focusing on themes of hope and redemption. From the highs of love and joy to the lows of sorrow and despair, her poetry resonates with the universal themes that bind the audience together. Leeza Lee Barr’s “Love, Peace and Sweet Tea” promises to be a soul-nourishing literary voyage, encouraging readers to savor the flavor of love, peace, and the pure bliss that comes with sipping on a cool glass of sweet tea.

In her eagerly awaited third volume of poetry and short stories, Mary Angeline Bell continues her tradition of portraying the depths of human experience with grace, insight, and unwavering faith. “Rejoice” is a celebration of the stunning wonders of the universe, intertwined with a heartfelt exploration of life’s trials and tribulations.

Conveying a powerful message about life’s challenges should not hold the ultimate authority over one’s life, Bell skillfully crafts her writing with spiritual resonance, urging readers to contemplate the fundamental mysteries of existence and the guiding force that shapes one’s paths. With themes that highlight resilience, hope, and the power of faith, she adeptly conveys the ability of humans to marvel at the wonders of creation. Her work provides readers with a fresh perspective, motivating them to see the world with a renewed sense of wonder and appreciation. Mary Angeline Bell’s “Rejoice” not only delves into the multifaceted aspects of life but also promises to be a source of inspiration for those seeking solace, purpose, and a deeper connection to the world.

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