Alison Chace Brings Laughs and Thrills in New Disaster Film ‘Continental Split’ Premiering on Tubi
Alison Chace Brings Laughs and Thrills in New Disaster Film ‘Continental Split’ Premiering on Tubi

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NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2024 / — Brace yourselves for Alison Chace’s electrifying performance as Governor Barber in the upcoming disaster film Continental Split, set to premiere on Tubi this June 29th.

Directed by Nick Lyon and penned by Joe Roche and Gil Luna, Continental Split unfolds against the backdrop of the New Madrid Fault threatening to tear the United States in half. As seismologists and government agents race against time to prevent catastrophe, Governor Barber emerges as a pivotal figure whose decisions will determine the nation’s fate. Chace leads a stellar cast including Jessica Morris, Chris Bruno, E.R. Ruiz, Canyon Prince, Joe Kurak, Allison Gold, and Crew Morrow.

“Working on Continental Split was a whirlwind,” Chace shares with a chuckle. “Imagine having to save the world from seismic chaos while keeping a straight face—it’s a challenge I gladly accepted!”

Governor Barber’s character draws inspiration from Mayor Larry Vaughn of the Jaws series. “You’ll either love to hate her or feel a twinge of sympathy,” Chace adds playfully. “In the end, her quirky flaws might just sink the country.”

Beyond her lively performance in Continental Split, Alison Chace is a versatile talent known for her roles across television and film. She can soon be seen in the Netflix series The Gringo Hunters, produced by Imagine Television and Redrum, where she plays a pivotal role in an elite Mexican police unit hunting down fugitives. Additionally, Chace navigates the complexities of law and cartel connections in the upcoming Rancho Humilde release Clika, alongside rapper Master P.

Chace’s career spans guest appearances in critically acclaimed series such as CBS’s FBI, HBO’s Succession, Netflix’s The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and CBS’s Bull, showcasing her range from drama to comedy with finesse. Her recent work on Apple TV’s Dear Edward further solidifies her as a sought-after actress in today’s competitive landscape.

Off-screen, Alison Chace is equally dedicated to creating impactful content. She recently directed the inspiring documentary Under The Same Sky, produced by her company LMC Productions, which celebrates the resilience and connections of women worldwide. The film earned accolades including Most Inspirational Film at Top Shorts and Best Director at NWIFT Awards.

“With Continental Split, we had an absolute blast, keeping audiences in stitches. It’s been a thrill to tackle absurd challenges and play them straight— and we pulled it off. Each day in this industry becomes more exciting and fulfilling for me. Recently, co-starring in Based on a True Story, executive produced by Jason Bateman, surrounded by Hollywood’s top talent, including actors, writers, casting directors, and directors, it just keeps getting better. Whether diving into intense dramas or crafting uproarious pilots, each project brings immense joy—especially when I’m involved in their creation.”

Alison Chace is a multifaceted entrepreneur dedicated to championing women’s empowerment through her platform, offering expert advice and self-care resources. She has authored books, developed a flirty texting app called Pink Kisses, and launched a successful podcast. Additionally, she co-founded women’s groups like Cafe Femmes and the comedy platform The Dinger.

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