Bright Day Foundation Announces the Launch of Film Documentary, PLAY IS THE WAY!
Bright Day Foundation Announces the Launch of Film Documentary, PLAY IS THE WAY!

David Krishock, Co-Founder, Bright Day Foundation

Children Playing, at Konomi School in Japan

PLAY IS THE WAY! Promises to Help Combat Child Play Deprivation, And Present a Clear Path to Improve Early Childhood Education

We funded this film to help the world reinvent an antiquated early childhood education system, and imbed the radical notion that quite possibly play is the best way for our children to learn”

— David Krishock, Co-Founder Bright Day Foundation

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 2, 2024 / — A ground breaking documentary film is in its final production stages, is on its way to the global film festival circuit and Bright Day Foundation Co-Founder, David Krishock couldn’t be more proud.

“This film is overdue, and will act as a foundation piece to help the world rally with force to reinvent an antiquated early childhood education system, and hopefully for engaged parents and educators, imbed the radical notion that quite possibly play is the best way for our children to learn” says Krishock.

The bell has rung loud, and its not a school bell, rather its an alarm – because doctors world-wide have clearly announced a medical and social emergency they call Play Deprivation – simple defined as the absence of necessary play for our developing children.

Medical experts agree – play is as vital to children as air, water and food. But each and every day play slips further and further away from our children, as play continues to be undervalued by adults as a necessary mental, physical, social and emotional development tool.

PLAY IS THE WAY! a film several years in the making, takes its audience to places they have never seen before – to countries considered smarter and better educated – and inside classrooms and play spaces where education experts demonstrate the power of children learning through play. Film viewers will also meet successful adults who, as children, had the benefit of being raised in play-based systems. This film is not superficial, but rather a deep-dive into what is – and even more important – what is working, and what can be!

Participating film partners bring their powerful message and undeniable credibility to PLAY IS THE WAY! – they provide expert representation from around the world. In play centers – Bay Area Discovery Museum, Boston Children’s Museum, Brooklyn Children’s Museum in the USA – BorneLund Playgrounds in Japan, EUREKA Children’s Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum, Young V&A in England, PIM Play In Museum in Korea – and more.

In schools – Columbia University Teachers Collage Lab School, Hollinsworth, Westland School, and Friends Central School in the USA – Greem School in Korea, Konomi School in Japan, Klein Amsterdam in The Netherlands, Rachael Keeling School and Hirst Wood School in England – and more.

And global medical experts – pediatricians and psychologists – plus the preeminent association of play experts, IPA, International Play Association.

“PLAY IS THE WAY! film production partners are some of the best in the world, they are award winning storytellers – and the films distribution partners are equally top tier, says Krishock. He continues, “making an important film is step one, distributing the film on a world-wide basis is equally critical. There are approximately 40 million elementary school educators worldwide, and approximately 3.2 billion parents , and our goal is for every last one of them to see this film, talk about this film, and help create early education revolution – change for the better – it can be done, it must be done.”

Bright Day Foundation invites everyone to begin talking about PLAY IS THE WAY! Krishock concludes with, “Social change begins by creating awareness, then by spreading the news by word of mouth, and then by taking local action – we need all the politicians, all the parents and teachers – everyone to advocate for more play and for more play-based learning in schools. We encourage everyone that loves and respects children to help, and begin by visiting our documentary website at to learn more. And, as the film makes it way to theaters and streaming services to please see the film. Also to please be in touch with us at Bright Day Foundation at“.

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