Sees Viewership Surges 30% With Unified Linear (FAST) and VOD Streaming Experiences Sees Viewership Surges 30% With Unified Linear (FAST) and VOD Streaming Experiences Logo

Integrating linear (FAST) options into VOD applications marks a new era and offers richer viewing experiences and extended watch times

We are on the verge of a new horizon in content delivery. I invite Linear FAST channel owners to step into the future, exploring the benefits that CTV apps with FAST channel options have to offer.”

— Gal Turjeman, CEO,

HERTZLIA, ISRAEL, April 2, 2024 / — Streaming TV with Free Ad Support (FAST) linear channels has reached a watershed point in 2024, as the landscape rapidly evolves. With the goal of delivering a seamless and integrated viewer experience, significant technological advancements and strategic shifts have taken place during this period. With a groundbreaking approach to streaming, stands out among these innovators, effectively bridging linear television with Video On Demand (VOD).

According to, in CTV apps where the FAST channel viewing option was embedded, we saw an average uplift of 30% in total viewing time. “This is a golden era for Linear FAST channel owners. The opportunity to significantly boost viewability and offer an exceptional viewing experience has never been more attainable” says Gal Turjeman, CEO of “We are on the verge of a new horizon in content delivery. I invite Linear FAST channel owners to step into the future with us, exploring the immense benefits that CTV apps with FAST channel viewing options have to offer. Together, we can redefine the viewing experience for audiences worldwide.”

Understanding Linear TV vs. VOD:

Before diving into the transformative shifts within the FAST channel ecosystem, it’s essential to understand the core differences between linear channels and VOD apps.

1) Linear channels: refer to traditional television broadcasting where programs are scheduled by the channel provider and viewers tune in at specific times to watch live broadcasts. This model is reminiscent of classic TV viewing, offering a curated stream of content that follows a predetermined schedule.

2) Video On Demand (VOD) apps: represent the modern paradigm of content consumption, where viewers have the liberty to select and watch shows or movies at any time, bypassing the need for a schedule. VOD platforms provide a library of content that is accessible instantly, offering unparalleled flexibility and personalization in viewing choices.

The distinction between these two models highlights a fundamental shift in viewer preferences from the scheduled programming of linear channels to the on-demand, anytime-access nature of VOD. However, each has its unique advantages and caters to different viewing habits. Linear channels excel in delivering live events, news, and programs that benefit from simultaneous communal viewing, while VOD platforms cater to the desire for binge-watching series, exploring extensive content libraries, and enjoying a more tailored entertainment experience.

The integration of linear and VOD into a single CTV app by companies like is a groundbreaking step towards blending the best of both worlds, offering viewers a comprehensive and versatile streaming experience.

Integrating Linear and VOD: A Game-Changer for Viewers

The traditional separation between linear TV and VOD has long dictated viewing habits, often requiring audiences to navigate multiple platforms to access their preferred content. However, we recently see a shift towards a more integrated approach, spearheaded by By developing a CTV app that houses both linear channels and VOD content, offers a singular solution to the fragmented viewing experience. This integration brings several advantages:

1) Convenience: Eliminates the need to switch between apps, providing a one-stop platform for all viewing needs.

2) Comprehensive Content Offering: Offers a diverse range of programming, satisfying varied viewer preferences.

3) Personalized Viewing Experience: Enhances content recommendations, improving viewer engagement.

4) New Monetization Opportunities: Opens new avenues with additional revenue streams for content owners.

Why FAST Channel Owners Should Embrace CTV apps:

For linear FAST channel owners, the shift towards CTV apps like offers, is not just about keeping pace with technological trends; it’s about seizing a strategic advantage in a competitive market:

1) Broaden the reach of channels: Expands reach by making content accessible across a wide array of devices.

2) Gain more insight into viewer behavior: Provides granular insights into viewer behavior, enabling data-driven decisions.

3) Enhance your viewers’ experience beyond linear: Offers enriched content ecosystems that deepen viewer engagement.

The Path Forward: A Unified Streaming Ecosystem:

The evolution of FAST channels in 2024, signifies a broader industry trend towards creating a unified streaming ecosystem. This integrated approach not only caters to the modern viewer’s demand for convenience and variety but also offers FAST channel owners a platform for growth and innovation. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the fusion of linear and VOD content on CTV platforms represents the future of broadcasting—a future where content is king, and the viewer experience reigns supreme.

In conclusion, the transition towards integrated FAST channels on CTV platforms marks a significant leap forward in streaming entertainment. With companies like leading the charge, the industry is set to offer a more cohesive, engaging, and personalized viewing experience. For channel owners, the adoption of CTV represents a strategic move to amplify reach, understand audiences better, and innovate in content delivery. As we look towards the future, the evolution of FAST channels in 2024 underscores the industry’s commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of viewers and creators alike, heralding a new era of streaming that is more connected, intuitive, and accessible than ever before.
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