“Cocoa” actress, Jody Mortara, wins BEST ACTRESS at Cannes Arts Fest
“Cocoa” actress, Jody Mortara, wins BEST ACTRESS at Cannes Arts Fest

The bakery opening of the miraculous chocolate cake that makes you lose weight.

This Cocoa name sake is about to find out what chocolate does to a dog

chocolate cake defies the laws of calories

Jody Mortara writes and co-directs this chocolatey comedy and bakes it to perfection.

With plenty of humor, viewers will be on the edge of their seats hoping for a positive outcome and, a surprise is in order that has all characters questioning what miracles are made of.”

— Dove.org

ENCINO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jody Mortara, won the Cannes Arts Film Festival award as BEST ACTRESS for her performance as Faith Appletree in the uproarious, family friendly, female driven comedy, “COCOA” about Two Sisters who Bumble Their Way into a Sweet Chocolate Revenge.

This comes on the heels of 5 other awards for Best Indie Film, Best Comedy, Best Film, Best Female Film and Award of Merit for her script!

This chocolate covered caper is a deliciously blended treat from the mind of Mortara who felt this script was a recipe for success. With a zany script in hand, and a colorful yet intricate plot line to follow, this was the icing on the cake that secured the funding to make this award winning film a reality. Mortara took the ingredients of a great script, a strong and talented cast, a hard working and eager production team, mixed in her co-directing (with co-director Joe Gawalis), producing, music supervision, and editing and gave rise to a multi award winning film!

Mortaras’ heart warming story of two contentious sisters (Jody Mortara as Faith and Megan Mc Garvey as Hope) thrown together when they hit rock bottom, culminates with a culinary treat that gains accolades and loses weight. They go from rivalry to redemption and invent a revolutionary chocolate cake that defies the laws of calories, and becomes the talk of the town. So much so, that the family dog, Cocoa, can’t resist this magical sponge and ends up at the eccentric veterinarian, Dr. Dogwood’s clinic. This unorthodox vet manages to save Cocoa with his ‘Life Force’ invention and a visit to the ‘Macrophasic Incubator’. This tale whips into a frenzy when this fudgie culinary treat attracts the attention of an Italian mobster, Carmine Frangiolini (played by “Soprano’s” actor, Tony Cucci) and the wannabe young mobster, Lucas Morello (played by Cedric Gegel) who will stop at nothing to steal this billion dollar, culinary treasure as his payment into a life of crime.

“I actually wrote this script so I could create the kind of lead role I wanted to play. But when I entrenched myself in the role as ‘film maker’ to produce a family film that would uplift and keep the audience guessing through all the intertwining plot twists, I almost forgot the ‘why’ for creating this. It was for my acting.

To be honored with the prestigious award from Cannes Arts Fest as Best Actress, was a reward I will always cherish”.

Cocoa is streaming on Amazon Prime, Tubi, Apple+ and google play. Mortara invites you to enjoy this cast of characters and their unusual world of sweets, intrigue and comical capers!

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