In a Tell-all Interview, Victorious ‘Weekenders’ Champions Akkhi Kumar & Diego Cowks Share Their Triumphs and Challenges
In a Tell-all Interview, Victorious ‘Weekenders’ Champions Akkhi Kumar & Diego Cowks Share Their Triumphs and Challenges

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2024 / — In a thrilling conclusion to the last two seasons of the popular game show ‘Weekenders,’ Akkhi Kumar and Diego Cowks have emerged victorious. In an exclusive Q&A session, the newly crowned champions opened up about their journey, the challenges they faced, and the highlights of their competition experience.

Q1: Congratulations on your win! How does it feel to be the champion of ‘Weekenders’?

Akkhi Kumar: “It feels incredible to be the champion of ‘Weekenders.’ It’s a surreal experience, and I’m thrilled to have had this opportunity to compete and ultimately come out on top. I’m truly grateful for the experience and the support from everyone who believed in me.”

Diego Cowks: “Winning is truly an honor. All the competitors displayed remarkable talent and a fierce desire to win. I entered the competition with the firm belief that I could emerge victorious, and I am grateful to have achieved that goal. I am also proud of the support and camaraderie shown by my fellow contestants throughout this journey.”

Q2: What was the most challenging part of the competition for you?

Akkhi Kumar: “The most challenging part was definitely the unpredictability of the games and having to adapt quickly to new situations. Each round tested different skills, and preparing for what was coming next was tough, but that made the win even more rewarding.”

Diego Cowks: “The most challenging aspect for me was navigating the language barrier. While I could translate proficiently, my spoken English skills were a bit rusty as I had recently arrived in the USA before the show. Communicating effectively with others in English posed a significant challenge, but I persevered and ultimately triumphed.”

Q3: Was there a specific moment when you thought you might actually win?

Akkhi Kumar: “Yes, there was a moment during one of the final challenges where I felt like I had found my stride and was performing at my best. It gave me confidence that if I kept my focus, I could win this.”

Q4: How did you prepare for the show before it started?

Akkhi Kumar: “I prepared by focusing on both physical and mental exercises. I knew the competition would be intense, so I worked on my fitness and also practiced puzzles and strategy games to sharpen my mental agility.”

Q5: Can you share a memorable experience or highlight from your time on the show?

Akkhi Kumar: “One highlight was forming bonds with the other contestants. Despite the competition, we shared many laughs and supported each other through the challenges, making the whole experience memorable.”

Diego Cowks: “Every moment on ‘Weekenders’ was unforgettable, from the spontaneity of my participation to forming bonds with my fellow contestants and immersing myself in the challenges. The experience was both exhilarating and enriching, and I cherish the memories created during my time on the show.”

Q6: How did you handle the pressure and stress of the competition?

Akkhi Kumar: “I handled the pressure by taking things one step at a time and trying to stay present in the moment. I also kept a positive mindset and reminded myself that it was a unique experience to enjoy, no matter the outcome.”

Diego Cowks: “I tackled the pressure with a ‘shot o’clock.’ The desire to win and the need to succeed were the driving forces behind my determination. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, I remained focused on my goal.”

Q7: Did you form any lasting friendships or connections with other contestants?

Akkhi Kumar: “Absolutely, I formed several lasting friendships. We went through a unique and intense experience together, and those shared moments really brought us closer. We’ve kept in touch and I believe these friendships will last a long time.”

Q8: What was your strategy going into the game, and did it change as the competition progressed?

Akkhi Kumar: “My initial strategy was to be adaptable and observant, to learn as much as I could about the games and the other players. As the competition progressed, I shifted my focus more on leveraging my strengths.”

Q9: How has winning the show impacted your life personally and professionally?

Diego Cowks: “The prize from winning the show came at a crucial time for me and my family. Settling in the USA and addressing financial obligations was a priority, and the prize provided the much-needed support to kickstart this new chapter in our lives.”

Q10: Do you have any advice for future contestants who might want to follow in your footsteps?

Diego Cowks: “For those considering joining ‘Weekenders,’ my advice is simple—seize the opportunity and apply. Embrace the unique experience, give it your all, and believe in yourself.”

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