Kukuwa Fitness Transforms Global Health and Wellness Through African Dance and Cultural Immersion
Kukuwa Fitness Transforms Global Health and Wellness Through African Dance and Cultural Immersion

WASHINGTON , D.C., UNITED STATES, June 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kukuwa Fitness, a pioneering dance fitness and wellness company, continues to make a global impact with its innovative approach to health and fitness. It was founded and led by 65 years-young Kukuwa, a dynamic Ghanaian American mother. With the help of her amazing daughters, which includes her daughter Samatha who is a Lupus Warrior, Kukuwa Fitness has reached seven continents, more than 40 countries, and over 100 cities, promoting health and fitness through dance-based workouts, strength training, and wellness advice, including healthy recipes and emotional well-being tips.

Kukuwa Fitness is excited to announce a new re-launch of Kukuwa Fitness coming this August that will include a new website that will feature high-definition fitness streaming videos, and new content, including streaming series such as Cooking with Kukuwa – Tea Time With Kukuwa – Mama and Baby – Did You Know? – Secret Healers – real-life healthy/weight loss journeys and much more.

To help celebrate the new re-launch, Kukuwa Fitness is bringing African Dance Fitness Pop-Ups to Brooklyn, Miami, and Washington D.C. On July 13, 2024, New York will discover the power of African dance, and our talented DJ will transport you through different parts of Africa with their music, each beat taking you on a journey through the continent’s diverse cultures. You will dance your way to fitness and have fun in the process all while supporting the mission and work of the Lupus Research Alliance and the Africa With Us Foundation.

Kukuwa’s daughter Sam, was diagnosed with Lupus at age 11. At age 19, doctors told Sam’s mother Kukuwa that Sam had 2 weeks to live, and she needed to start planning for her funeral. With no treatment options available, Kukuwa removed her daughter from the hospital and nursed her daughter back to life. Young Sam defied the odds and survived the illness. Kukuwa wants to help others who are Lupus Survivors by supporting the Lupus Research Alliance.

Kukuwa started The Africa With Us foundation which offers all-inclusive wellness travel experiences that immerse participants in local African cultures through music, dance, fitness, and food. These journeys provide a unique opportunity to explore Africa’s diverse landscapes and traditions while maintaining a commitment to health and well-being. The Africa with Us Foundation focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty by uplifting youth through education, demonstrating Kukuwa Fitness’s dedication to social responsibility.

The company is spearheaded by founder and co-owner Kukuwa, a 65-year-old fitness professional born and raised in Ghana. She defies stereotypes about age and fitness, inspiring others with her energy and commitment to health. Co-owner and certified dance fitness and wellness coach, Coach Cass, transformed her body by losing 50 pounds and now encourages others on their fitness journeys. Coach Sam, a lupus survivor, motivates clients through her health journey and is the face behind the Kuwa Vizuri holistic healing program. Coach Kree, the master trainer of the Kukuwa® Mama & Baby Series, supports mothers in their postpartum fitness efforts.

Kukuwa Fitness is more than a workout; it is an all-inclusive global community that fosters a healthy, holistic lifestyle through daily movement, cultured travel, and community service. The testimonies and lifestyles of the founders and master trainers resonate with clients, from those seeking ageless energy to those aiming for weight loss, overcoming autoimmune conditions, or achieving post-baby fitness goals.

The company has a diversified and recurring revenue model, expanding its visibility and market reach. Kukuwa Fitness appeals primarily to women aged 35-60 who seek enjoyable fitness experiences, with a focus on health, joy, and an interest in African culture. The global client base, particularly strong in the USA and Europe, benefits from online purchasing power and higher income levels.

Revenue streams include monthly YouTube monetization for video content, merchandise sales through the Kukuwa Marketplace, online subscriptions available on platforms like Apple App Store, Google Play, Uscreen, Roku, and Amazon, and wellness programs such as the Kuwa Vizuri holistic healing program and the 21 Day Turn Around Program. The Africa With Us program offers unique travel experiences across Africa, and instructor certification programs enable others to become Kukuwa African Dance Fitness instructors.

Kukuwa Fitness has received extensive media coverage and boasts a robust social media presence, with notable supporters including Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Camila Cabello, Carla Hall, Kate Northrup, Tatyana Ali, India Aire, and KJ Smith. The company’s annual recurring revenue exceeds $500,000, with a 63% profit margin and a 15% revenue growth rate. This success is a testament to the company’s dedication to promoting health and wellness through culturally rich and engaging programs.

Partnerships with Kukuwa Fitness offer significant value propositions. The company provides an authentic and culturally educational wellness offering that appeals to those looking to diversify their fitness routines. It reaches across all seven continents, inspiring and educating people through African dance fitness, wellness, and travel. For businesses, Kukuwa Fitness enhances employee morale, energy, and productivity, contributing to increased sales and overall company success.

Kukuwa Fitness invites everyone to join in its mission to enrich the global fitness and wellness community through the joy of movement and cultural immersion. Some proceeds from their initiatives are donated to the Lupus Alliance and the Africa With Us Foundation. For more information, visit www.kukuwafitness.com.

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