VFX Teams Up with Yup, That’s Scary Horror Podcast and Molly Zombiee for a Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway
VFX Teams Up with Yup, That’s Scary Horror Podcast and Molly Zombiee for a Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway

ATLANTA , GEORGIA , UNITED STATES , June 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — As Halloween approaches, VFX, Yup, That’s Scary Horror Podcast, and Molly Zombiee have joined forces to bring a thrilling giveaway for Halloween enthusiasts, cosplayers, scare actors, and haunted attraction owners. The giveaway will feature two spectacular creations by VFX – a Molly Zombie or a Make-Over Molly Zombie attack puppet.

VFX, a leading visual effects company, has collaborated with Yup, That’s Scary Horror Podcast, a popular podcast that explores all things horror, Halloween, and haunted attractions, and Molly Zombiee, Tik Tok Influencer, to create a one-of-a-kind giveaway for horror lovers. The giveaway will feature two unique creations by VFX – a Molly Zombie or a Make-Over Molly Zombie attack puppet, both handcrafted and designed to give chills to anyone who sees them.

The Molly Zombie is a terrifyingly realistic representation of a zombie, complete with decaying flesh, blood-stained clothes, and haunting eyes. The Make-Over Molly Zombie takes it a step further by showcasing the transformation of a human into a zombie, with blond hair and creepy blue eyes. Both attack puppets are perfect for Halloween enthusiasts looking to add a touch of horror to their collection, cosplayers wanting to bring their zombie costumes to life, scare actors looking for a realistic prop, or haunted attraction owners wishing to up their scare game.

The giveaway will run on VFX’s Website, and participants will have a chance to win an attack puppet. The giveaway ends Friday, June 28th, at Midnight, lucky winners will be chosen at random, and winners will be announced live on Yup, That’s Scary on Sunday, June 30th at 1 pm Central time, just in time for Halloween.

1st Place – Grand Prize: One lucky winner will walk away with the ultimate prize—a VFXcreates Molly Zombie Attack Line Puppet/Costume, a masterpiece valued at a spine-chilling $1,500.00! Become the talk of the town this Halloween with this jaw-dropping costume.

2nd Place: Second-place winner will receive a VFXcreates Bungee Head Prop, valued at $225.00. Perfect for adding that extra element of terror to your haunted house or costume ensemble!

3rd Place: The third-place winner will receive VFXcreates’ Famous Puppets of Hauntland T-shirts.

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“We are excited to team up with VFX Creates and Molly Zombiee for this exclusive giveaway,” said Willie May Host and Producer at Yup, That’s Scary. “Halloween is a time for creativity and fun, and we wanted to offer something special to our fellow Halloween enthusiasts. We can’t wait to see who the lucky winners will be!”

This collaboration between VFX, Yup, That’s Scary Horror Podcast, and Molly Zombiee is a testament to the growing popularity of horror and the creativity and talent of the artists involved. Don’t miss out on this thrilling opportunity to win a popular creation by VFX.

VFX Creates: https://www.facebook.com/vfxcreates

Yup, That’s Scary: https://www.instagram.com/yupthatsscary/

Molly Zombiee: https://www.tiktok.com/@mollyzombie2022

About VFX Creates

VFX Creates specializes in innovative and original products for the entertainment and business industries, focusing on haunt attractions and theme parks. Known for their Attack Line Puppets, Lunging and Illusion Boxes, Crate Creature Puppets, and Bungee Line Props, VFX Creates continues to lead in creating products that effectively scare, entertain, and promote.

Patrick Voss, founder of VFX Creates, began his journey making monsters in his early teens, inspired by the original Planet of the Apes film. Since 2012, Voss has designed and created unique zombie puppets that have become a hit at various events and conventions.

About Molly Zombiee

Molly Zombiee, created by VFX Creates and brought to life by Jose Castro, is a highly detailed, realistic character puppet designed for haunt attractions and theme parks. Molly Zombiee has gained viral fame on TikTok, appearing at various events and collaborating with businesses to showcase products and experiences.


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Lead host and Producer, Willie May, a genuine Renaissance Man, has been working in the haunt industry for over 18 years and the theater and film industry for over 25 years. Lover of weird and everything spooky, Willie has built and run some of the largest and most terrifying haunted attractions in the world. And when he’s not constructing his own monstrosities or consulting — he’s conversing with the best creatives of the next creepy collaboration. With his Rolodex of spooks, Willie is down to dig deep and uncover what stirs up the fear of well-known horror creatives.

The Yup, That’s Scary cast also comprised a well diverse horror and haunt fanatic team, Scaredy Cat Cat, Jarrord, Lady Jay, and Jacob Woody. Tune in every Sunday at 2PM Eastern Time for a horrific good time!


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