Tabitha S. King is all set to release her first heartwarming children’s tale “Grayson & Wyatt’s Bouquet for mom”
Tabitha S. King is all set to release her first heartwarming children’s tale “Grayson & Wyatt’s Bouquet for mom”

Grayson & Wyatt’s Bouquet For Mom By Tabitha Sue King

Author - Tabitha Sue King

Author – Tabitha Sue King

Embark with Grayson & Wyatt: A heartfelt journey through love, unity, and the beauty of nature, as they seek the perfect gift for Mom.

MINOT, ME, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2024 / — A single mother of 2 boys and an owner of a family daycare, Tabitha S. King embarks on a new journey where she showcases her creativity and extraordinary writing skills in her first children’s book to the world. The book, “Grayson & Wyatt’s Bouquet for Mom,” is a wonderful children’s tale that takes the young on a magical journey filled with love, family, and the beauty of nature.

Tabitha King’s forever passion for educating young children has helped her to change kids’ lives positively. Over the years, with the help of her daycare center, she has touched children’s lives and taught them how to be better in every way possible. Her daycare families have allowed her to be a part of their personal families, where she has cared for children from infancy to their preteens. It has been a remarkable journey and is something she has never taken for granted.

King dedicates this book to her inspirations, Grayson and Wyatt, her loving parents, family, and friends, and every one of her Green Apple Kids including her amazing Daycare Teachers, thanking them for their continuous support and encouragement throughout her artistic journey. “You all have been my driving force, and I am immensely grateful for your constant inspiration,” she says.

In this endearing story, brothers Grayson and Wyatt set out on a special mission to make a lovely bouquet for their mother. They discover the true essence of love and togetherness as they travel through gardens and fields, encountering various flowers and exploring the wonders of nature.

“Grayson & Wyatt’s Bouquet for Mom” is a tribute to familial bonds and life’s simple pleasures. Tabitha S. King’s storytelling ability captivates young readers, weaving together a story that promotes kindness, appreciation for nature, and the value of family relationships.

“I am thrilled to embark on this journey of creating a children’s book that holds a special place in my heart,” Tabitha King, the author of the book, said. “This book combines my love of storytelling with my children, their kittens, and their artistic expressions.” It’s a heartfelt endeavour that tries to teach children and families to appreciate the beauty right in their own backyards.”

Tabitha S. King, in her first ever children’s book with her fascinating storytelling, explains, “I intended to create a touching narrative that not only captivates but also gives valuable lessons about love and the beauty found in nature.” ‘Grayson & Wyatt’s Bouquet for Mom’ is a tale of happiness, exploration, and the magical bond between siblings.

The book isn’t just a festival of familial bonds but also a greeting for youngsters and families to embrace interest, imagination, and exploration of the world around them.

Launching in mid of 2024, ‘Grayson & Wyatt’s Bouquet for Mom’ by Tabitha S. King on top publishing platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo, and many more is a tribute to family, nature, and children’s boundless creativity. Parents and children will discover the thrill of simple experiences as they explore this compelling book’s colorful pages and uplifting storyline, building bonds that will last long after the final page is turned.

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