Robert Gilbert Announces RSA’s Acquisition of Viral Voice Studio
Robert Gilbert Announces RSA’s Acquisition of Viral Voice Studio

Robert Gilbert – Partner and President

Robert Gilbert announces the successful acquisition of Viral Voice Studio, a UGC platform that specializes in crafting result-driven content.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, February 20, 2024 / — New York – February 19th, 2024: Robert Gilbert, a crucial part of Rising Suns Agency, and President and Head of M&A, has announced the successful acquisition of Viral Voice Studio, a user-generated content platform that specializes in crafting result-driven content.

This acquisition is a strategic move to take Rising Suns Agency ahead in the highly-competitive digital world. Together with Viral Voice Studio, RSA intends to enhance the capabilities of content creators, monetize their talent, and empower brands and talent to connect with their targeted audiences productively.

Intending to resonate with the audience, Viral Voice Studio helps clients craft creativity that stands out from the crowd. Besides, it has earned a solid reputation for its innovative approach and knack for understanding and catering to content creators’ needs. With that said, Viral Voice Studio has enabled many brands to expand their reach and boost their online presence across various digital platforms.

Speaking on behalf of RSA, Mr. Gilbert said, “Viral Voice Studio will allow RSA to enhance its value for both the actors and influencers under contract. The value proposition is for brands who not only want influencers to help promote their products but also desire content from skillful actors, videographers, and recognizable talents on their own marketing efforts.”

“Today’s announcement is a testament to our agency’s aim of amplifying brand awareness, conversions, and sales by acquiring Viral Voice Studio for realizing our clients’ needs, and we are excited to welcome Viral Voice Studio to the RSA family, which is backed by brilliant-minded people. Since the goal of the studio aligns perfectly with ours, we are looking forward to empowering digital content creators to succeed in this digital era.’’

The integration of Viral Voice Studio into the RSA portfolio is surely a good initiative for clients looking for a wide range of influencer marketing, management, and content-creating services. All in all, this acquisition is poised to deliver innovative yet result-driven solutions to their clients.

Founder of Viral Voice Studio, the Spanish-born entrepreneur, Ruben Ramirez, stated, ‘’RSA is an exceptional agency that aligns with my ideology and is focused on boosting brand awareness. As my agency merged with Rising Suns Agency, we are working to reshape content marketing and revolutionize the marketplace.’’

Undeniably, the benefits of using user-generated platforms like Viral Voice Studio are countless. Mr. Gilbert stated, ‘’While accessing RSA’s expertise and resources, the studio will expand its operations and provide an opportunity to brands and talent to leverage the power of user-generated content and generate more conversions and leads.’’

About Rising Suns Agency

RSA, located in New York City, specializes in influencer marketing and management. Whether social media influencers or DTC brands, RSA builds relationships with both. Staffed with creative minds, RSA helps its clients get value-driven results and thrive in the competitive digital world. The goal of RSA is to connect social media influencers to the brands, enabling them to grow.

About Viral Voice Studio

Founded in 2021, a US-based video production agency, Viral Voice Studio helps brands shine brighter than ever by helping them reach their marketing goals. It not only inspects target audiences of companies but also analyzes competitors to identify unique brand opportunities. Besides, it manages the whole creation process from research to strategy development, and finding creators to legal aspects, without any hassle.

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